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Custom Glass and Mirrors for a Hollywood Regency Bathroom

Small Cozy Bathroom
When you imagine incorporating glass and mirrors into your bathroom, you might picture a contemporary setting. Your vision makes sense because glass is a manufactured material, which is popular in modern décor.
That said, some homeowners favor a retro aesthetic. For the bathroom, designers often look to a Hollywood Regency style. Such a bathroom takes its inspiration from the golden days of Hollywood. You see opulence in the shapes, textures, and finishes in such a bathroom, especially in the mirrors and glass features.
Learn how to incorporate glass and mirrors into your Hollywood Regency bathroom style.

Statement Mirror

The centerpiece of your Hollywood Regency bathroom is going to be the mirror — possibly even more than one mirror. To give that glamorous appearance, you want one that's oversized. So, if you're planning on hanging the mirror above the vanity, consider ignoring the proportion rules that the framed mirror should be narrower. This mirror can be the same width as the vanity.
Speaking of frames, you're going to want one. If you're incorporating more than one mirror, you may choose one with beveled, ogee, or waterfall edging worked into the glass. However, at least one mirror in the bathroom should be framed. You want this mirror to make a glamorous statement, so look at elaborate, even gilt frames. Don’t forget the size of the frame when you calculate proportions.

Distressed-Finish Mirror

Sometimes, retro styles incorporate items that appear to have been around from that time. So, while the old Hollywood aesthetic features a lot of shiny surfaces, you may want to include a custom mirror that looks like it could have been in a 1930s film star's bathroom. After all those years, such a mirror might have a distressed finish rather than a clear one.
Naturally, if you're talking about your main bathroom mirror — the one going over the vanity — you want the reflection to be crystal-clear. However, you could use a distressed-finish mirror for décor value. For example, you can place it in a corner of the bathroom that needs more light.

Smoked Glass Shower Panel

Hollywood stars of the Golden Age maintained a sense of mystique. These days were before tabloids, so you never expected to see such stars in anything but perfect light.
Of course, that's probably not the reality of your life. However, unlike a contemporary open-plan bathroom, you’ll want to enclose at least a space or two off from the rest of the room. The shower would be a good place to start since many people naturally want some privacy while bathing.
While you have different options for shielding the interior of your shower, consider having one of the glass enclosure panels replaced with smoked glass. Dark charcoal and black hues are common in old Hollywood décor because they set off the shiny surfaces. What's more, a smoked glass panel gives that feel of an item that's been passed down from the original era.

Art Deco Stained Glass Window

The Golden Age of Hollywood occurred when Art Deco was a popular design style. One of the characteristics of this style was the use of bold, geometric patterns. You see these patterns come out in wallpaper, flooring, woodwork, and glasswork.
If you want to incorporate a little Art Deco into your Hollywood Regency bathroom, consider replacing one of your windows with one done in stained glass. You can find typically Art Deco designs that feature clearly geometric shapes creating images — a geometric lily is a common motif.
However, replacing an entire window might not make sense for your remodel. But you can get the same effect by commissioning a custom stained or leaded glass wall hanging for your bathroom. Just hang it prominently on a wall that's otherwise bare so the artwork takes center stage.
Transport yourself back to the Golden Age of Hollywood with a Hollywood Regency bathroom. Let Wadsworth Glass Inc. provide your custom glass and mirror needs for the project.


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