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Window Installation Tips to Improve Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Windows Installation
When updating a home, homeowners need to purchase high-quality and efficient replacement windows to improve their heating and cooling bills. Just as importantly, homeowners should understand these window installation tips to ensure that the window efficiency is maximized as much as possible.

Add Extra Glazing to the Seals

When installing new windows, homeowners need to make sure to glaze the seals around the edges of the windows properly. These areas typically may leak a lot of heat when improperly glazed. Thankfully, adding more glaze to a window seal is relatively simple.
Start by smoothing down or removing the old glazing and any other debris. Now, add new glazing along the seals, moving slowly to ensure maximum spread. Add a little caulk on the surface of the glaze to finish up the job.

Add Drapes to Each Window

When winter weather becomes very cold, the windows of a home will leak excessive heat through their panes. In fact, homeowners may feel the heat escaping their home near open windows, which is why drapes are such a good investment.
Pulling insulating drapes over the windows during the winter can decrease heat loss by as much as 10 percent. However, keep curtains open when direct sunlight falls on the window. This step captures a large amount of heat and keeps a room as warm as possible.

Utilize Low-E Window Panes

Each window on the market has a U-factor rating that indicates how well these windows decrease heat loss from a window. Double-pane windows have very high U-factor ratings because an insulating gas prevents heat transfer. And, when paired with a low-E coating, these windows are very efficient.
In fact, experts estimate that a low-E coating will reduce energy loss by up to 50 percent. Be prepared to pay a little more for installation, though, as these windows can cost as much as 10 percent more than those without low-E coatings. The savings, however, typically more than make up for this extra cost.

Place Windows Properly to Increase Efficiency

Window positioning requires careful consideration to maximize heating and cooling efficiency, particularly when installing windows on the east and west sides of the house. For example, windows on these sides of a home need to be mounted at a low angle to avoid excessive and damaging glare and UV exposure.
By contrast, the south side of a home should have many large windows to capture as much heat as possible. This side of the house gets, on average, the most sun exposure during the day. So make sure to keep these windows open during the day and closed at night to trap as much heat as possible.

Pair Window Placement With Trees

Lastly, homeowners can keep their home cool in the summer by placing new windows near trees. Simply put, trees provide shade from the hot sun and keep excessive UV rays and heat from invading a home. Window position should be angled so that the tree throws shadows on the window when the sun is on that side of the house.
In some cases, homeowners should add new trees to their yard instead of changing the position of the windows on the house. This process is a little easier and helps to add a little natural beauty to a yard, particularly if homeowners have already removed a few trees from their yard in the past.

Get Professional Window Help

If you need new windows to improve your home's heating and cooling efficiency, please don't hesitate to contact us at Wadsworth Glass Inc. as soon as possible. Our experts will work hard to find windows that meet your needs and will install them as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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